Von der Leyen meets with Zelenksi to discuss Ukraine’s integration into the EU


The bloc is working to give the country greater access to the single market and making sure “it won’t step back” in sanctions against Russia

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen met with Ukrainian President Volodímir Zekensky this Thursday to discuss Ukraine’s integration into the European Union. In what is her third visit to the country since the Russian invasion began, the European leader has pledged the bloc’s full support to Kiev. “It is time to stand firm in helping Ukraine,” he assured the European Parliament in his State of the Union address on Wednesday, announcing that the EU will send the country EUR 100 million to rebuild the schools that during the war.

Another of the sentences that resonated most in the European Parliament was the reference to Ukraine’s European integration. “The EU is not complete without Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. They are the future of the bloc,” he said. And during his lightning visit to Kiev this Thursday, he will discuss with Zelenksi the country’s candidacy to join the European Union.

The EU bloc wants to give Ukraine more access to the internal market and expand European roaming there. “In just two weeks we managed to connect Ukraine to the European electricity system and now it exports electricity to the EU,” said the president of the European executive. In fact, the bloc has suspended tariffs on this energy to facilitate its arrival on the continent.

The message to Russia was also clear: “Sanctions are here to stay.” Despite the economic impact on Europe, “the measures taken are stifling Russia’s economy,” von der Leyen said, undermining the country’s ability to finance the war in Ukraine. “Europe and Ukraine will win,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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