Man sells his mobile number for 32,000 euros


Sometimes it’s really not easy to remember – your own phone number. Especially in an emergency it is good to be able to recall the number combination in the blink of an eye. A man from Vienna must have thought the same. He now sells his “very basic VIP cell phone number” on an internet sales platform. And that for the hefty price of 32,000 euros. Some people don’t want to believe it, but the seller is said to have 10,217,152 bids.

The private individual placed his ad on the sales platform around 7 a.m. on Thursday for an extortionate price in the five-digit range. For sale: “A very simple VIP cell phone number”. The offer would come from a man from Vienna. “0660/6666777” is the apparently “new” cell phone number: . “This number can easily be transferred to your existing contract via an NÜV (independent of the provider),” the seller explains in his description.

Some buyers interested in bidding
The user has no other advertisements on his profile. He probably hit the jackpot with his cell phone number, which is easy to remember, because such a desired number seems to be popular with some people – there are actually 10,217,152 offers that the guy has already received.

One thing is certain: the new owner of the desired phone number will probably be happy to accept the higher number, there will probably be some interested parties who will not soon forget the number sequence.

Source: Krone


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