Bare and Molested – Jump into the Thames after a queue attack


A man has been arrested in London for sexually assaulting two women who were queuing up to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II. The 19-year-old was arrested on Friday, the British news agency PA reported. He is said to have exposed himself and pressed against mourners from behind when the doors of Westminster Hall, where the Queen’s locked casket is laid out, opened Wednesday afternoon. Then he jumped into the Thames.

When the young man came out of the river a short time later, he was arrested. At the hearing, he pleaded not guilty. He was refused parole and scheduled for another hearing on October 14.

Queue open again after lockdown: more than 24 hours waiting time
On Friday evening, access to the queue was reopened after several hours of blocking. The estimated waiting time is more than 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Culture. At the same time, the authorities warned of cold at night. The snake stretched from Westminster Hall for about five miles along the Thames to Southwark Park.

Very British: a snake for the snake
The line entrance had been closed for more than seven hours because the take-off spot was overcrowded. Nevertheless, numerous people made their way to Southwark Park, where an unofficial line quickly formed for the actual line – “a line for the line”, as British media reported.

Video: “Krone” reporter Clara Milena Steiner reports from the queue

Hundreds of emergencies already
At least 435 people received medical help in the first days of the queue. As the London Ambulance Service announced Friday, a total of 42 mourners waiting to be taken into the coffin were taken to clinics on Wednesday and Thursday. According to Sky News, most patients suffered from circulatory collapse due to prolonged standing, leading to head injuries.

The public display will last until early Monday morning, the day of the state funeral. In total, hundreds of thousands of mourners and onlookers are expected.

Source: Krone


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