Russian TV uses puppet footage to accuse Ukraine of falsifying corpses


Russian state television Rossiya-24, which is owned by the Kremlin, broadcast footage of a series of footage taken in Russia accusing Ukraine of staging and using puppets as corpses. This was reported by Nadezhda Kolobayeva, responsible for filming the show in Russia, whose team used this mannequin to record one of the scenes on March 20.

A paper by Rossiya-24 says that some men wrap the mannequin with adhesive tape. They claim that in this way the Ukrainian army wants to hand over his corpse and thus intend to accuse Russian troops of massacring civilians.

The assistant director of the Russian TV series this Friday identified the mannequin, who was baptized as an Albertic in the show. “What the hell do you think?” Here we were getting a drop from the window on Vsevolozhsk (near St. Petersburg) on ​​the street last March 20 for our TV series. Our assistant is preparing Albertik to shoot! “What kind of liver are you?” He wrote on Facebook.

Along with this publication of the dismantling of Russian state media manipulation, Kolobayeva uploaded various videos and photos showing her team working with the doll, as well as actors from a Russian TV series who have not yet appeared. Came out, the premiere took place.

If the recording shown on Russian television and the location marked by Kolobayeva are analyzed on Google Maps, the buildings will match.

According to the BBC Russian edition, when it was reported that everything was nonsense, the news was deleted from the Russia-24 website, but the video is still available on YouTube and social networks.

Media outlets such as the BBC and Newsweek magazine have contacted Rossiya-24 for comment on the matter, with no response yet.

Russian state media reports are entirely in line with the Kremlin building, which denies any involvement in the Bucha massacre or any attack on civilians, such as the recent rocket attack on the Kramatorsk train station in eastern Ukraine. Where dozens of people were killed.

From ministries such as the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, there are also jokes that there are dead people raising their hands and corpses with no signs of disintegration, while repeating that what happened in Bucha is a “staging”: several international investigators. They are falling apart

Source: El Diario


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