Hear: Stormont election candidate’s strange voicemail to voter after posters complain


Stormont’s candidate sent a strange audio message to a voter, warning him not to be sued after complaining about his election posters.

“If you post anything about me on Facebook… I’ll take you to court and take you home,” Andrew Moran, an independent candidate in South Antrim, told the woman.

In a 34-second message, he told his potential voters not to call him again and not vote in the May election.

The woman said she was shocked to receive the voice message after informing Mr Moran that one of her face stickers had slipped onto a lamppost.

He told Belfast Live: “I didn’t want to make a complaint. I just didn’t want kids to be harmed by the posters. I think he blew them up with no credit.”

Mr Moran dismissed the controversy as “frivolous” and said it was “a hoax to try to damage my campaign”.

The 27-year-old businessman said he moved the election poster to the lantern.

Advise the woman to contact the authorities if she asks for compensation.

The woman, from Dondrud, said she was taking her children to school on Wednesday when one of Mr Moran’s campaign posters was scratched.

“One corner of the election poster was glued to the corner of a lamppost and it met me under my face,” he said.

The 37-year-old, who asked not to be named, said he sent a letter to Mr Moran the next day.

“As soon as I texted him, he immediately thought I wanted to file a complaint. I just wanted someone to come and fix it, move it or something.

“I sent him a picture of his whereabouts. He called me and I was busy and left me a voice message.”

The answering machine log says, “Mr. Murania is here. Don’t write to me anymore.

Image from independent candidate Andrew Moran’s election poster

“Don’t complain about any of my posters, go complain about other politicians’ posters flying all over the place.

“I don’t have anything anymore, don’t vote for me, don’t call me anymore.

“And if you post something about me on Facebook or anywhere else, I’ll take you to court, I’ll go to court and I’ll take you home.”

He continued: “Now, if you are impressed by the campaign posters, take the usual route and head to the Northern Ireland office and file a complaint if you are looking for it, because I feel like it is a manufacture.

– But leave me alone, I don’t want anything else from you, don’t call me anymore.

A woman who repeatedly refused to call or threaten Mr Moran in court described the voice message as “very, very strange”.

He added: “He may be under pressure, but I won’t vote after he says that.

“I don’t want to complain, I just wanted something to happen to the posters.

“I thought right now, when you want good PR and you want people to vote for you, you might be more polite.”

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When asked about the content of the voicemail, Mr Moran – whose posters contain strips such as the “Common Sense Approach” – said the woman had “broken” the poster and threatened to sue him.

He claimed that his confession was extracted under torture and that his confession was extracted under torture.

Mr. Moran said the complaint was “a ploy to try to harm my campaign”.

“The poster was affixed back to the post. It’s still windy, but we spent the whole morning outside trying to fix it. Storm posters are falling apart all over the country,” he said.

He added, “Honestly, I can’t do anything else. To be honest, I can glue it on.”

Source: Belfastlive


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