Federal parties are shaking – Lower Austria: an election that sets the course


No new federal elections, governing becomes difficult for the ÖVP. Kickl’s power is cemented. SPÖ leader Rendi-Wagner is on the brink.

Stormy – it can be said with certainty – the mood will be in two of the three major parties after election Sunday. One thing can be predicted a few hours before the final result: Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner will most likely be responsible for the historically worst election result in the history of the ÖVP Lower Austria.

“But the elections in Lower Austria will not provoke new elections, even if the losses for the ÖVP will be painful. From the point of view of the coalition, that would be pointless’, political analyst Thomas Hofer is sure. But: the power of the Greens within the government will continue to grow, even if the Greens do not have an excellent result.

This makes governing increasingly difficult for the ÖVP, as it will not be able to achieve much success in many important areas. “At the moment no regicide will crystallize, but if the series of defeats continues, the greats of the party will consider a Nehammer alternative for the National Council election,” Hofer said.

The SPÖ in Lower Austria is also threatened with a crushing defeat. For the first time, the Reds are not allowed to provide a vice-governor in Lower Austria. Although the election result can be attributed to top candidate Franz Schnabl, it will put downward pressure on SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner. “The mood that the SPÖ cannot contest a glorious National Council election campaign with Rendi-Wagner will prevail,” predicts Hofer. Doskozil will use this momentum. Because he will be the head of the state governors’ conference for the next six months – so he finally has a federal political stage. “He will show comrades what would be possible if he were active in the federal government,” Hofer said.

What is certain: The blue ones will be the big election winners. Herbert Kickl’s power within the FPÖ has finally been confirmed. His critics in Upper Austria will remain silent. Should there be a coalition between the FPÖ and SPÖ in Lower Austria, the climate at the federal level will be toxic.

Source: Krone


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