Tragedy at excavation – dud kills workers in Czech Republic


An explosion at a construction site in Ostrava, Czech Republic, killed one Friday. The accident happened during excavation work, during which the workers probably encountered a dud. One man has died and another is said to have been injured.

The dud was a relic of World War II, police reported on Twitter. Local media reported that the murdered employee was a 49-year-old. The injured man escaped with a minor head injury.

Buildings evacuated within 300 meters
After the incident, residents of nearby houses within a 300-meter radius were evacuated to safety. They were able to return to their homes in the late afternoon after no more duds were found.

As an important industrial city, Ostrava (Moravisch-Ostrau) was repeatedly the target of Allied air raids during the German occupation in World War II. Last fall, police had to evacuate twice more than a thousand people in Ostrava after discovering unexploded ordnance.

Source: Krone


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