Iran celebrates a week of protests against the mandatory use of the veil


Clashes between protesters and security forces kill at least 31

Iran is celebrating a week of protests that have left at least 31 dead, according to several human rights groups. Thousands of people have taken to the streets to express their anger at the use of the mandatory hijab after the death of a young Kurdish woman detained by the moral police for not wearing the veil correctly. Her name was Mahsa Amimi, she was 22 years old and her native Kurdistan is the epicenter of protests that have spread to fifty cities in the country. These are the worst riots in the past three years and the regime is once again resorting to repression and partial internet shutdown in the most conflicted areas.

Police maintain that he died of a heart attack, but the family denies it, his father accused authorities of “lying” because his daughter “had no health problems” and they say he received heavy beatings during the arrest.

“What is happening now is different. In 2009 the protest was related to electoral fraud and 3 years ago against prices and inflation, but this time it has a huge social component, the protesters are going against a symbol of the regime such as the hijab and the intensity is increasing,” said Iranian-American officials. Spanish political analyst Daniel Bashandeh. “The regime must choose to soften or harden its measures, but the message from the street is clear and calls for reforms,” ​​said Bashandeh, asking “not to lose sight of the Supreme Leader’s delicate health condition.” lose.”, one of the keys to the future of the Islamic republic. The leader has also been the center of criticism and the chants of the protesters calling him a “dictator.”

Tehran is where the mobilizations are greatest and the city’s main arteries are the scene of daily clashes with security forces, especially at night. In the universities, student marches and sit-ins are repeated under the slogan ‘Women, life and freedom’, the most repeated phrase in recent days.

The first reactions are coming from abroad and the US Treasury Department has decided to impose sanctions on the vice squad and senior security officials in the country for the violence against the protesters. In New York, President Ebrahim Raisi, who a month ago ordered tougher measures to enforce the proper use of the hijab, journalist Christiane Amanpour, the big star of CNN, stood up for refusing to cover herself with a veil for the interview.

Source: La Verdad


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