Seeds of violence – glass attack on masons: target politicians


Hatred on the internet reaches the streets: the glass thrown at GroenLinks chairman Sigrid Maurer shows that more and more politicians are being targeted. While the attacker “regrets the mistake”, personal protection remains central.

The virus has also led to a pandemic of online hatred in our society. Lockdowns, confusion of rules and discussions about mandatory vaccination are making the tone increasingly aggressive.

Now the seeds of violence have sprouted from the internet: After a heated discussion about Covid measures, a 26-year-old corona denier from Vienna threw a glass at the Greens club president Sigrid Maurer, who was sitting in a terrace right opposite the Ministry of the Interior. the busy city center Face. Luck in misfortune: it touched the cheek but did not break.

In the police interrogation, the suspect, who was quickly caught, was meek and lamented: “It was a mistake.” The young Austrian is released for attempted bodily harm.

The green front woman and the later murderer
For Maurer, it was not the first experience of violence in her political career. The infamous “beer host” – who shot his girlfriend to death and was sentenced to life in prison for murder – was once discharged from court with his lawsuit against the green frontwoman after she posted sexist Facebook posts and hate speech on the internet.

Maurer has so far waived personal protection
In addition to the unanimous condemnation of the attack, the issue of personal protection for politicians remains a focus due to ongoing threats. Maurer has so far refused bodyguards. In an anonymous letter, the responsible anti-terrorist special unit Cobra is confronted with accusations after an alcohol-related accident involving the company car or the chancellor and his family.

After details about ÖVP boss Karl Nehammer’s children have been made public, new allegations are centered on a bodyguard’s private relationship. With the daughter of an alleged Russian oligarch…

Source: Krone


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