Search – Internet scammers in Graz investigated: 12 victims


Criminals from the Graz Police Station searched the home of a 35-year-old Nigerian on Wednesday. The man, who lives in Graz, is urgently suspected of money laundering as a member of an organized crime group involved in love scams.

In the well-known ‘love scam’ scam, the perpetrators mainly contact their victims via social platforms. Under the guise of facts, a close relationship is skillfully and empathically built and money is demanded.

The police assume twelve victims
Since March 2022, fraud investigators in Graz have been investigating such crimes. They ran into the Nigerian who lives in Graz. The man is suspected of participating in an organized crime of money laundering. The criminals currently assume twelve victims.

House search ordered
The criminals searched the home address of the suspect (Lend district). They seized two cell phones and a laptop. During his interrogation, the man stated that he had received orders from a perpetrator known by name. He would only have deposited money (80,000 euros) into his account and handed it over to other unknown perpetrators.

According to his own statements, he would have withheld only 800 euros for these services. The 35-year-old suspect is suspected of money laundering. The main investigations also remain with the public prosecutor’s office in Innsbruck. In this case, they will be pursued by the Graz crime department.

Source: Krone


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