Despite the autopsy, the lonely death of Beatrix H. remains a mystery


The autopsy of Beatrix H. (53), who was found dead in a cellar in Linz, did not shed any light on the mystery. The cause of death of the woman, who was missing for 16 days, remains unclear.

“In any case, there are no indications of third-party guilt,” Ulrike Breiteneder, spokeswoman for the public prosecutor’s office of Linz, told “Krone”. The autopsy was ordered to investigate all possible possibilities. The body was found 16 days after Beatrix H. (53) disappeared in the basement of her new partner’s house in a sleeping bag by a police dog.

Lots of questions unanswered
It seems as if the woman died in her sleep. “A toxicological study is still pending,” Breiteneder explains. The body was released for burial. When Beatrix H. lay down in the basement and how she got into the house in the first place – she didn’t have a key – remains unclear.

In the two days after her disappearance, the police had searched the basement with dogs, and she was not yet in the compartment at the time. The exact time of death can no longer be determined, but it must have been at least a week before the body was found.

Source: Krone


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