Trial in Lower Austria – Two children dead: accident driver used cocaine


A 42-year-old is on trial for gross negligence: he drove his Mercedes almost unbraked in the back of the family’s Ford. The two small children in the back seat did not survive the impact. After the tragic accident, cocaine was found in the suspect’s blood.

The father and mother cannot hold back their tears on the witness stand. They have almost no memories – except that their two children are dead. It was a car accident that is probably unbeatable in terms of tragedy: on the A2 near Mödling, a 42-year-old crashed his car without braking against the family vehicle. All help came too late for the six-year-old. His two-year-old brother died in hospital. The parents were seriously injured.

No response due to cocaine
In the regional court of Wiener Neustadt (Lower Austria), they now have to judge the terrible accident. The driver of the accident must answer for death by gross negligence. He would have been on cocaine. The family collapsed and had to stay on the road. The hazard lights were on. The suspect did not respond because of the drunkenness.

child pulled out of the car
However, the 42-year-old pleads not guilty. He said he only used the cocaine after the accident. He would also have been distracted by another driver and therefore noticed the family too late. With tears in his eyes, he said in court: “I immediately got out and pulled one of the children out of the car. I told him, ‘You can do it!’. It still hurts my heart.”

The verdict is still pending.

Source: Krone


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