Suspect in custody – shoe prints convicted burglars (36) in Tyrol


An initially unknown burglar was engaged in mischief in the Tyrolean Oberland from Tuesday to Wednesday. In Kappl and See (both in the Landeck district) three companies were broken into. Thanks to witness statements, a Moldovan (36) could be identified as a suspect. He was eventually convicted on the basis of shoe prints. Detention!

Between Tuesday 5.30 pm and Wednesday morning, an initially unknown perpetrator gained access to a business premises in Kappl and See. According to the police, cash registers, tip registers and money bags were stolen during the coups. “On the basis of witness statements, it was determined that a vehicle with a Polish license plate was near the crime scene at the time of the crime,” the investigators said.

Vehicle stopped at sea, driver in custody
The vehicle was eventually stopped at sea during a manhunt that had begun. A 36-year-old man from Moldova was behind the wheel. “After comparing the shoe marks with shoes found in the vehicle, it was determined that these shoes were worn at two crime scenes,” the researchers continued.

The suspect was taken to the Innsbruck prison by order of the public prosecutor.

Source: Krone


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