More and more cases – this is how the hospital proceeds when victims of violence are suspected


Hematomas and lacerations are signs of violence. Doctors should sound the alarm immediately. But that’s not always the case, as evidenced by the case of the 12-year-old boy who was abused and locked in a dog cage by his mother. At Eisenstadt hospital, staff have been rigorously trained in early detection and victim protection.

The case of the Lower Austrian mother, who mentally and physically abused her 12-year-old son and locked it in a dog box, still shocks the country. Also because the child was apparently never asked about the causes of his injuries during his medical treatments. The doctors preferred to believe the mother when she claimed, for example, that her son had deliberately cut himself when he smashed the window of the living room door. How is such a thing possible? Why was the child not questioned? And how many victims of violence in Austria turn to doctors or a hospital for help?

Source: Krone


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