Recommended by museums – renaming of Dollfuss-Platz in Mank planned


The Dr.-Dollfuss-Platz in Mank (Lower Austria) gets a new name. Mayor Martin Leonhardsberger (ÖVP) announced a corresponding application in the city council on Wednesday after the House of Austrian History and the House of History at the Museum of Lower Austria called for a new name. The street signs, which a former SPÖ councilor had dismantled and sent to the houses in Vienna and St. Pölten, will be returned to the city.

“On the advice of the two renowned museums, I will submit an application for a name change in the next city council meeting,” said Leonhardsberger when asked. Former SPÖ city councilor Anton Hikade, who has long campaigned for a new name for the square, named after the Austrian-fascist chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss, had the signs removed and sent one each to the hdgö and the House of History last week. St. Polten. Hikade spoke of a “political protest”. The mayor reported the theft.

The two museums are returning the panels and state on Wednesday that objects are only included in the collection through legitimate donations or acquisitions. “At the same time, the museums are proposing not to reinstall them and to rename the square,” it said. “The community could take this opportunity to rename the square,” said the director of the House of Austrian History, Monika Sommer, and the scientific director of the House of History in St. Pölten, Christian. Rap, for. “Then two of the old street signs could be donated to our two museums by decision of the city council. In this way we can legitimately document current contemporary history.”

The mayor now wants to follow the suggestion of the two museums. A week ago, Leonhardsberger referred to an ongoing review of the time in connection with the “Dr. Engelbert Dollfuss’ Museum in Texingtal”, the home community of Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP), by historians. Based on the results, conclusions should be drawn for further action in Mank, the city manager said a few days ago. the square has already been discussed several times by the city council.The ÖVP has 18 mandates, the SPÖ and the Greens each have two representatives and the FPÖ one.

In the broadcast, the two museums commemorated the 2021 name change of the town of Fucking (today Fugging) in the Upper Austrian municipality of Tarsdorf (Braunau district): The hdgö received the last city sign of Fucking as a result of the decision of the municipal council and used this object to address media-political content such as the boundaries of media freedom and privacy. Popular with collectors and on social media, the plaques were stolen time and time again.

Source: Krone


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