“Extensive investigation” – Gewessler finally wants to stop the Lobau tunnel


Leonore Gewessler finally wants to bring down the Lobau tunnel. As the climate protection minister announced on Thursday, she will launch a so-called “detailed investigation”, which will cause the project to lapse. The basis for the decision, which has been sharply criticized by the ÖVP, is an expert opinion that the street would be counterproductive to the climate goals set by Vienna itself.

Gewessler emphasized once again that one cannot insist on climate-damaging projects if there are better alternatives. That these exist is confirmed by the study by Günter Emberger of the Vienna University of Technology. Unfortunately, Vienna and Lower Austria have so far rejected their offer to present alternatives. But the door is still open.

The expertise essentially says that no measures other than those already planned are needed to ensure a connection to the city on the Danube. The Stadtstraße is co-financed and there are also various expansion plans for public transport, from the S80 to the extension of tram 25 to express buses.

More traffic through “higher priority road”
The TU study states that the implementation of the goals set by the city of Vienna itself will lead to a significant reduction in traffic congestion. On the other hand, a higher road would backfire as it would lead to more traffic. The climate minister therefore sees the Lobau tunnel as a huge obstacle to achieving the target. Alternatives include expanding public transport and investing in the low-lying road network.

Now as soon as possible “strategic assessment”
For Gewessler, the expertise is now the basis for initiating a “strategic review”. This is a condition for removing the road project from the law. As Gewessler explained, such an investigation takes an average of two years. But we will try to move forward as soon as possible. Then she is optimistic that the Lobau tunnel is outside the law.

Gewessler pushes for ÖVP “unacceptable”
In any case, the current coalition partner made it clear shortly after the press conference that he would not participate. Traffic spokesman Andreas Ottenschläger said: “With us as a people’s party, there will be no legislative change to remove the Lobau tunnel.” This was never negotiated and was not part of the joint government program. Gewessler’s self-announced rejection was “unacceptable” and there had been no talks with the coalition partner beforehand. He hopes that the minister will return to the path of constructive cooperation.

Source: Krone


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