Traffic chaos – gas smell and short circuit in the AKH: mission ended


Large-scale firefighting operation at Vienna General Hospital: On Thursday morning, 16 vehicles and 66 men were on the scene because a gas smell was detected in the pediatrics and neurosurgery building. A moment later he made it clear: the smell of gas had entered the building from outside through the ventilation. There was no danger of explosion at any time.

Emergency services left around 9:45 a.m. “An explosive concentration was never measured at any time, so there was never any danger to the patients,” said professional fire service spokesman Jürgen Figerl at APA’s request. The investigation into the cause, involving numerous technicians from the AKH and Wiener Netze, among others, showed that the gas smell came from work on a nearby business property.

When the people in the clinic building noticed this, they started to leave the building themselves, according to Figerl. Everyone is back now. “It’s back to normal,” the spokesman said.

Emergency power operation due to short circuit
The gas smell is unrelated to a short circuit on a transformer in the high-voltage area of ​​the hospital’s power supply, which happened at 8.47 am, according to AKH spokesman Karin Fehringer. She reported to the APA: “The emergency power operation has started correctly, automatically and immediately. For example, the clinical areas were supplied with power according to plan, while the operating room and intensive care unit were continuously supplied with power. The switchover to the public electricity grid took place in a very short time, so that the AKH Vienna is back in regular grid operation. A detailed root cause analysis is in preparation.”

Traffic chaos as a result
As expected, the large-scale firefighting operation also had a huge impact on the surrounding roads, especially the tire in both directions. “We have a stalemate on both sides of the belt. In the direction of Heiligenstadt from Neustiftgasse and in the direction of Westbahnhof it is available from Gentzgasse,” Harald Lasser of the traffic club ÖAMTC told APA. The situation is the same in the surrounding side streets and streets leading to the belt.”

Source: Krone


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