Deliveries throttled – Russia now also threatens Moldova with gas stop


In the former Soviet Republic of Moldova, against the background of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine, there are signs of a turning point: the country can no longer rely on the neutrality it declared since its declaration of independence in 1991, but has to start developing of its own defense capabilities, it was said a few years ago Days from the Supreme Security Council. The country is also trying to free itself from dependence on Russian gas. That is also badly needed, because the Kremlin will probably use energy as a weapon here too.

On Saturday, Russian gas supplier Gazprom massively curtailed its supplies to the ex-Soviet republic. The director of Moldovagaz spoke about 30 percent less with the Reuters news agency. At the same time, Russia threatened complete shutdown. The reason stated by the Russian gas company was Ukraine’s refusal to “send Russian gas through the ‘Sochranovka’ distribution station.” According to Gazprom, the daily delivery volume now stands at 5.7 million cubic meters.

Gazprom also speaks of outstanding debt
However, the Republic of Moldova, which aspires to join the EU, has ordered 8.06 million cubic meters per day. In addition to the pipeline failure in Ukraine, which has been known for months, Gazprom cites the government’s outstanding gas debts in Chisinau as a justification for the cut in supplies. Moldova is constantly in arrears with its gas payments.

“At the same time, no agreement has yet been reached on the part of the Moldovan side on the settlement of old debts for gas supplied in recent years. For this reason, Gazprom has the right to terminate the current contract at any time,” the company threatened.

Source: Krone


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