Question about repatriation – IS bride from Hallein likely to stay in Syria


Germany is bringing IS supporters home, the neighboring country’s foreign minister announced. And Austria? “Nothing is planned,” says the “Krone” request. A woman from Halle still lives with her children in a Syrian camp.

Germany is bringing suspected IS supporters home, German media reported Thursday. A man, four women and seven children – all German citizens – were brought home from Roj prison camp in northeastern Syria. They were immediately arrested. This was announced by the German Foreign Minister. The “Krone” asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs whether such a return operation would also be carried out for Austrian supporters of the terrorist organization.

Such an action is not planned, spokeswoman Gabriele Juen emphasizes: “We are trying as far as possible to ensure that the Austrians in the camps in Syria are treated as well as the circumstances allow.” Decisions in which a balance must be struck between the need to protect those affected, endangering public safety and the risk of being found.

It wasn’t until June that authorities had taken two children home. As is known, a woman from Halle (25) has been living with her two sons (5, 7) in a Kurdish-controlled camp since 2019. In 2014, the woman immigrated to Syria at the age of 17, joined the terrorist group IS and fathered two children with suspected IS fighters. The Federal Criminal Police Office has been looking for her for four years – on suspicion of involvement in a terrorist organization. All previous attempts to return have failed. Also, “If children are returned, the mother’s consent is required,” explains Juen.

Source: Krone


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