Orthodox Jewish boys’ choir creates TikTok hype


Massive phenomenon in the TikTok world: a recording from 2008 goes viral. This time, an Orthodox Jewish boys’ choir acquired cult status on the youth platform.

The Miami Boys Choir is the name of the New York Boys Choir. The TikTokers discovered a video from 2008 in which now grown men sing Hebrew Orthodox pop music and the song Yerushalajim (English: Jerusalem). And the hype about the boys has been going on ever since. And not only in the TikTok world MBC is cleaning up, now in all social media, on TikTok alone they have 9 million views. The TikTokers were especially taken with two singers.

One of the singers, David Herskowitz, was constantly asked on TikTok to perform the song again. Not only he, but also the then 11-year-old Binyomin Abramowitz has now gathered thousands of new fans. People on Tiktok argue about who is better, David, Yoshi or Binyomin, and judge the guys based on their voice, their looks, their talent. Numerous duets and response videos have been created, even the choreography is recreated.

MBC during halftime?
And Herskowitz is now constantly uploading new videos related to “Yerushalajim”, which has since become a catchy tune. For those interested, many want the boys to sing with Rihanna in the Super Bowl during halftime. And its popularity on the internet is huge, regardless of whether atheists or religious people comment on the song.

The Miami Boys Choir (MBC) is anything but unknown in America. Formed in Florida by conductor Yerachmiel Begun, the group moved to New York in the 2000s. It was his son who persuaded him to upload the old songs on TikTok. Thus began this unimaginable triumphal procession.

Source: Krone


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