A Scotland Yard report denounces thousands of cases of impunity and bad behaviour


The new head of London’s Metropolitan Police, Mark Rowley, admits there are “hundreds” of officers who should be outside the police force.

The new Metropolitan Police chief, Mark Rowley, has acknowledged that there are “hundreds” of officers who should be outside the body after preliminary conclusions are drawn from a final report, due next year, which will indicated that more than 1,200 offenders remained at their posts despite inappropriate behavior.

“You’re coming to the conclusion that there must be hundreds of people who shouldn’t be here, who should be evicted,” said Rowley, who rated the annual figures of between 30 and 50 cops expelled for bad behavior as “very unsatisfactory.” considers. In this sense, he has pointed out that there are “hundreds” who behave “shamefully” and “undermine” the integrity of the police and that they should therefore be “deported”.

The report was prepared by Louise Casey, a British government official who was commissioned in late 2021 to conduct an independent inquiry into the functioning of the Metropolitan Police following the murder of Sarah Everard at the hands of a cop sentenced to life imprisonment. imprisonment.

The report also concludes that the Metropolitan Police’s internal disciplinary system is racist and misogynistic, making complaints of discrimination or sexual misconduct less likely to succeed. “We’ve heard repeatedly from colleagues who feel and believe, and in fact give us examples, that there are several people who get away with it despite their misbehavior,” Casey said.

For example, the report states that up to 1,263 police officers were involved in two or more cases, more than 500 in three to five cases and 41 in six or more, the highest number being 19. Repeat offenders are also in their messages for in spite of everything.

Since 2013, only 13 of the 1,809 people with previous complaints have been expelled from the country. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has also mentioned these initial conclusions, stating that the situation at the Metropolitan Police is worse than he feared. “I expect no less that each of the recommendations in this review will be implemented quickly and fully,” he said.

“All complaints of misconduct must be addressed and cases resolved much more quickly,” said Khan, who has asked for support for all those agents who have reported these situations and who are “clearly disappointed for a long time.”

Source: La Verdad


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