Federal Quarters Full – 25 Refugee Tents Ready, That’s Just the Beginning


The Interior Ministry has set up 25 tents to deal with the refugee housing crisis, but this is likely to be just the beginning. Because, as the Federal Support Agency (BBU) said Monday, the permanent federal quarters are completely full. For fire safety reasons, no one is allowed there. If the countries don’t set up other quarters as planned, there will be more tents.

It is easy to explain why one does not resort to more comfortable accommodations such as containers. This would require building permits from the local authorities – which are almost impossible to obtain. When it comes to tents, the federal government can act autonomously. The total number of tents available has not been disclosed.

Locations in Carinthia and Upper Austria
So far there are 25, of which 23 are related. Five of the 8-person tents are in Villach and Klagenfurt, 15 in the federal care center Thalham in Upper Austria. Other locations are being sought, reportedly mainly in Tyrol and Vorarlberg.

This does not necessarily have to be an area where refugees have already been accommodated. Other federal properties are also eligible. In addition to sufficient space on the site, it is important that sanitary facilities are also available. For example, Thalham was included in the draw, while the care center there is already full.

Traiskirchen is bursting at the seams
The same goes for Austria’s largest refugee shelter in Traiskirchen. At the moment about 1,800 people are housed, many times more than should be according to agreements with the municipality and just within the limits allowed by the fire service.

There are now 27 federal districts
The federal government cannot be blamed for not making any effort. Capacity has grown from 13 federal districts in the previous year to 27 now. At the moment, however, according to the BBU, there are no new properties in the offing. Last year she had to take care of 2500 people in the same period, this year there are 8000.

In addition to the already high number of asylum seekers, this also has to do with refugees from Ukraine. The fact that many of them have to move to organized housing after weeks in private housing does not make the situation in the Länder any easier either.

Seven federal states do not comply with agreements
Of course, this does not alter the fact that, with the exception of Vienna and Burgenland, they do not keep to the agreements. The federal government has been pointing out for months that there will be a shortage of quarters if the states fail to meet their obligations. Because they are responsible for the refugees after they have been admitted to the asylum procedure. The costs of basic services are borne 60 percent by the federal government and 40 percent by the states.

In Vienna, 15,000 more people are cared for than specified
Per federal state, a percentage of the refugees to be cared for must be accommodated in function of its own size. Vienna achieved 179 percent of the target value last week, meaning that more than 15,000 more people were cared for than indicated. Carinthia was at the other end of the scale with a quota fulfillment rate of over 62 percent. That means that almost 2,200 childcare places were missing in the state. The rates in Vorarlberg and Tyrol were only marginally better.

Source: Krone


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