Fires in the streets – No end to protests – 27 children killed in Iran


Renewed protests broke out in Iran after a prison fire. On Monday, anti-government protesters took to the streets in central Yazd and several other cities, including Piranshahr, northwest of Tehran. A video of people setting fire to tires calling for the death of supreme spiritual leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was posted on the widespread Tasvir1500 Twitter account.

Reuters could not verify the authenticity of the images. The security forces are focusing their operations against government critics in northwestern Iran, where most of the country’s ten million Kurds live. However, the protests have spread to other minorities in other parts of the country. Despite the deployment of the feared Basij militias and voluntary military units, the government has not yet been able to contain the protests that have lasted for weeks.

The elite Revolutionary Guard has not yet been deployed against the protesters. They started maneuvers on Monday. The EU decided on Monday to impose sanctions over its crackdown on opposition members.

At least 27 children killed in riots
At least 215 protesters have been killed, including 27 children, according to human rights groups. About 8,000 people are said to have been arrested in 111 cities. The government denies that protesters were killed by security forces and sees foreign masterminds at work.

The nationwide wave of protests was triggered a month ago by the death of 22-year-old Kurd Mahsa Amini. She was arrested on September 13 by the vice squad in Tehran for allegedly violating the rules for wearing a headscarf. She died three days later.

Source: Krone


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