Two big holes – excitement over mysterious shots on place name sign


Two big holes – excitement over mysterious shots on place name sign

Who does this? In the small community of Schenkenfelden in Mühlviertel, there has been a lot of excitement since the weekend. The reason: two bullet holes in a place name sign.

Was it just boredom or is there a dangerous gunman playing mischief in the Upper Austrian municipality of Schenkenfelden with a population of 1,600? The excitement in the place is definitely high.

weapon used
One thing is certain: on Saturday two large bullet holes found in the Schenkenfelden place name sign. The mentioned sign is located on the municipal road Königschlag, coming from Vorderkönigschlag, in the area of ​​the water protection zone.

Clarification is needed
Since the shots were fired from a weapon, there is a great need for clarification, because the motive for the shots on the place name sign cannot be judged,” said the head of the department, Josef Schoissengeier, in a broadcast. He therefore calls on possible witnesses to get in touch.

Report to either the police emergency number 133 or the Schenkenfelden market town office on 07214/7005. The information will of course be treated confidentially.

Source: Krone


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