Viennese cult club U4 bans Doskozil locally


Burgenland governor Hans Peter Doskozil is probably not allowed to be seen in the famous Viennese nightclub U4 for the time being. The background is a story about folk musician Andreas Gabalier who is accused of being SPÖ politicians.

That Hans Peter Doskozil is clearly a Gabalier fan is one thing – but it’s quite another to compare the self-proclaimed folk rock ‘n’ roller with a real rock legend – that’s what those in charge in the Viennese cult probably thought – Local U4 ( or at least their social media department).

Gabalier will appear on the Mörbisch lake stage on July 29, which was worthy of a separate press conference for the LH. A mega event on the Neusiedler See is planned, it was said, a performance by the hugely successful Styrian would be a prize for Mörbisch.

“The Austrian Bruce Springsteen”
Doskozil finally explained at the press conference that Gabalier was the “Austrian Bruce Springsteen”.

Advertisement or not, the comparison with the “Boss” was exaggerated, die-hard Springsteen fans thought. “So Doskozil has disqualified himself as a candidate for chancellor,” a “Standard” editor wrote on Twitter, to which the U4 team added: “And a local ban was being negotiated.”

Last but not least, the U4 is known as a music venue; over the decades, top stars from Nirvana to Falco have visited each other regularly.

Yet one reader was outraged: “The far-left here have no understanding of music and do not appreciate Austrian musicians if they have a different opinion. Recommend Andreas Gabalier’s new song, a masterpiece like the previous one.”

Source: Krone


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