“Black List of Terrorists” – Now Iran Threatens Britain with Sanctions


The Iranian government wants to put more than a dozen British people and entities on a “terrorist blacklist”. This is her response to the sanctions that the EU has imposed on the Iranian moral police on Monday.

In addition, the EU sanctions affect more than a dozen people and organizations in Iran, among others. Among them are Iranian Information Minister Issa Sarepur, the Basij militias and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps cyber defense command. With the sanctions, the EU responded to the violent crackdown on protests in the country.

These are directed against the system and were caused by the death of 22-year-old Kurd Zhina “Masha” Amini. The moral police had arrested her for not complying with the mandatory rules for wearing a headscarf. The young woman died in police custody on September 16. Since then, thousands of people across the country have demonstrated against the repressive course of the government and Islamic rule system.

Rather than change course, the government in Tehran has now placed British people and entities on a “terrorist blacklist”. Foreign Minister Hussein Amirabdollahian announced this on Wednesday, state media reported. Sanctions were imposed on British intelligence GCHQ, London-based Persian-language media houses such as BBC Persian and Iran International, and British politicians and officers. They are no longer allowed to enter Iran and their assets are frozen. According to Tehran, those affected are responsible for “violence and acts of terrorism”.

Population suffers from sanctions
According to international media reports, it is questionable whether the additional sanctions imposed by the West against Iran will have the desired effect. “Iran has been groaning under international sanctions for years, but so far this has only strengthened the belief of leaders in Tehran that they must keep the country firmly under control. The only people who really suffer from the consequences are ordinary citizens,” de Volkskrant wrote. Housing and food are hardly affordable.

Source: Krone


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