Within two weeks – Extremely fat Rottweiler is already 4 kilos lighter


The slimming program for bitches “Easylife” in the animal paradise in Schabenreith is already showing its first success. The enormously fat four-legged friend now weighs only 96 instead of 100 kilograms.

Rottweiler bitch “Niki” weighed a whopping 100 kilos when she was transferred two weeks ago to the animal paradise of Schabenreith in Steinbach am Ziehberg (Upper Austria). Apparently the owners fed the animal en masse, but did not take care of it otherwise. Because his claws were too long and never cut. The 6.5-year-old four-legged friend could barely walk. “Something like that is serious animal abuse,” said animal shelter boss Doris Hofner-Foltin.

diet and exercise
Thanks to intensive care, diet food and regular exercise, the animal shelter employees managed to lose four kilos within 14 days. Thanks to this success, the overweight Rottweiler was given a new name: “Easylife”.

Normal is 40 kilos
“She feels very comfortable with us. We are on the right track, even if it will take us a while to reach our ideal weight,” says Hofer-Foltin. Normal weight Rottweilers weigh about 40 kilograms, with “Easylife” 60 kilograms would already be a great success. She now only gets wet dog food and pumpkin flakes twice a day.

A visit to a vet showed that the bitch is completely healthy except for being overweight. Hofer-Foltin: “She has no diabetes, no joint problems or metabolic disease.”

Source: Krone


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