Oxygen for animals – fire inferno in Lower Austria: three dogs dead, four rescued


A car fire on Saturday set fire to a house in Neuthaures in the municipality of Heidenreichstein (Lower Austria), which could have killed nine dogs. With heavy respiratory protection, the fire brigade was able to save seven, for three the help came too late. Four Bernese Mountain Dogs were given oxygen, one of which is still in mortal danger. The other two dogs – Maltese – saved themselves. Due to a shortage of extinguishing water, a total of 13 fire brigades with 150 members were deployed.

In the garage of a house in Neuthaures in the Gmünd district, the car must have stood for a long time before the flames quickly spread to the house. The residents of the exposed building were able to get out but had to leave the dogs behind. The quickly approaching fire brigade managed to contain the flames. A water bottleneck in the extinguishing pond was then also referred to as the large tank fire trucks of more distant fire brigades and farmers, who helped to extinguish the fire with their liquid manure barrels.

Trembling for the Bernese Mountain Dog
Wearing heavy respiratory protection, the Florianis entered the house to find the nine missing dogs. Three four-legged friends could only be found dead, four more Bernese Mountain Dogs were rescued. “They stopped responding, but were still breathing spontaneously,” said Gmünd’s fire chief Mattias Böhm, whose fire brigade was also alerted because of the lack of extinguishing water. The dogs were given oxygen and cared for by two vets until they were taken to a veterinary clinic in Waldviertel. While three four-legged friends are doing better, according to the latest information, the fourth is still critical.

Maltese saved themselves
Two Maltese dogs were initially considered missing. It was feared they would have perished in the flames. Later, however, everything was clear: the smart Bellos are doing well, there is nothing wrong with them. They may have saved themselves with a daring jump out the window.

Source: Krone


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