Rishi Sunak, new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


Rishi Sunak will be the next “Prime Minister” after the amount of support he has received in recent hours since Boris Johnson announced his retirement.

Euskaraz irakurri: Rishi Sunak izango da Erresuma Batuko lehen minister Berria

The Conservative Party from United Kingdom confirmed on Monday that former Treasury Secretary and main favorite to succeed Liz Truss will be the new leader of the formation after former Secretary of Defense Penny Mordaunt announced her departure from the race to take over leadership after failing to the necessary support.

The announcement comes just minutes after Mordaunt noted in a Twitter post that the country is experiencing “unprecedented times”. He clarified that the party’s members made a decision “in good faith and in the interest of the country”. “As a result, we have chosen who will be our next prime minister. This is a historic decision and shows once again the diversity of talent in our party. Rishi has my full support,” he said.

Sunak, who has a favorable profile for the establishment, the markets and the Tory majority, was already one of the top favorites to run as head of Downing Street in the primaries held after Johnson’s departure, which, however, gave Truss the victory.

The British politician, of African parents of Indian descent, has worked in the past as an analyst for Goldman Sachs, among others, and has repeatedly stated that his goal is to end the economic crisis in which he plunged the country.

He has held the seat for the Richmond district since 2015, although he worked for the former Prime Minister’s government Theresa May until he became head of the British Treasury during Johnson’s tenure, who later promoted him to Chancellor of the Exchequer. Although he defended Johnson from the start, he tendered his resignation, as his view of dealing with the economic problems facing the UK was “significantly different” from that of the then British “Prime Minister”, who led Sajid Javid to brought to his office.

Sunak, 42, campaigned to leave the European Union in light of the referendum that took place in June 2016 during the government of former Prime Minister David Cameron, as ‘Brexit’ will create a freer, fairer and more for the better in the UK would come. prosperous”.

In this sense, he has repeatedly stated that the country needs immigration reforms. “I think appropriate regulations can benefit our country. We need to have control over our borders,” he pointed out about Brexit and the arrival of migrants in the country.

But those considered to be one of Britain’s wealthiest deputies – even more than King Charles III – supported the ‘Brexit’ deal, which was presented to parliament three times in May.

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