Offenders illegally in country – Pelosi released from hospital after hammer attack


A week after the attack on the husband of the American top politician Nancy Pelosi, the 82-year-old was released from the hospital. The cabinet of the president of the US House of Representatives announced this on Thursday evening (local time). Paul Pelosi remains under medical care and is going through a “long recovery process”. The man who allegedly attacked Pelosi is illegally in the country and faces deportation.

Pelosi’s husband was attacked and seriously injured at the couple’s San Francisco home last Friday night. He had to undergo surgery after the attack for a fractured skull and serious injuries to his right arm and hands. The perpetrator had aimed it at the powerful Democrat Pelosi himself, but did not find her during the robbery. A few days before the US congressional elections, the attack raised fears of politically motivated violence in the US.

David DePape can be evicted
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said the man who allegedly assaulted the 82-year-old is illegally in the United States. The alleged perpetrator David DePape could be deported. A DHS spokesperson said in a statement that the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued an immigration arrest warrant against DePape on Tuesday. The man faces multiple federal and state charges following the attack.

According to the online newspaper The Hill, the spokesperson said DePape was registered as a Canadian citizen who entered the United States in March 2008 as a temporary visitor. Eligible Canadian travelers visiting the US for business or pleasure generally do not require a visa, but are generally admitted for six months.

Lawyer pleaded not guilty
DePape faces federal charges of assault and attempted kidnapping, as well as state charges including attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and threat to the life or aggravated assault of a government official. He appeared in court for the first time on Tuesday. His attorney pleaded not guilty at the brief hearing in San Francisco.

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