Due to record drought – Kenya: Hundreds of elephants, wildebeest and zebras died


Hundreds of elephants and other wildlife have already fallen victim to Kenya’s ongoing drought this year. Between February and October, 205 elephants, 512 wildebeest, 381 zebras, 51 buffalo and 12 giraffes (pictured) died of starvation and lack of water, Tourism Minister Peninah Malonza said in Nairobi on Friday. Nine other species are also critically endangered.

After four largely absent rainy seasons in a row, nearly half of Kenya’s 47 counties are being hit by the worst drought in four decades. Rivers and springs have dried up, pastures and farmland have been abandoned.

About 1.5 million cattle died
At least four million of the more than 50 million inhabitants of the East African country suffer from hunger. About 1.5 million cattle have died, as well as numerous goats and sheep (pictured below).

Wild animals can no longer find water
According to Minister Malonza, the drought is also increasingly affecting the wildlife that makes Kenya a popular tourist destination. Many died because they could no longer find food or water. The government is now providing hay for particularly affected animals.

Source: Krone


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