Hoping for clues – death of pain: poachers shot deer in Tyrol


A poacher was engaged in mischief in the Tyrolean Ötztal on Friday. The previously unknown perpetrator shot a deer in the municipality of Oetz. The animal died in agony. Police are now hoping for useful information.

According to the police, the poacher was active in the Habichen neighborhood of Oetz in the early morning hours, between 5 AM and 6 AM on Friday. There he shot the one-year-old deer in the kiddie corner area.

Wild animal ran away and died
“The injured animal then ran across fields and pastures to the so-called hole, where it eventually died,” said the researchers, who are now hoping for suspicious sightings.

Useful information for the Oetz Police Inspectorate on telephone number: 059 133/7106.

Source: Krone


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