Eddy around the loading zone – 600 signatures should save the postshop association


Deliveries Germany-Austria are organized as an association, 2500 members benefit – but this clever idea is on the brink due to the trifle about a loading zone in Brixlegg in Tyrol. The founder and president of the association is now mobilizing with signatures and hoping for a solution.

At 5.30 pm there is a lot of activity at the collection point on Römerstraße in Brixlegger. No wonder: the customer receives a package from Germany, but only pays 2.20 euros for it.

We are part of the association “WiR-organisieren-uns gem.eV”. Founder and chairman Roland Moser has also set up collection points in Kufstein, Wörgl and Breitenbach, partly with partners (Spar, Volkshilfe, tanning salon). His project is registered as a regular postal service – and yet it is different: “Registration for membership is free for individuals, companies and associations. A power of attorney is issued for the cross-border movement of the shipments. 2.20 euros for a package of 5 kilos is divided equally between cost sharing and membership fees.”

Daily pick-up at the “clubhouse” in Bavaria
The club president commutes daily between the “clubhouses” in Kiefersfelden and Brixlegg to pick up and deliver shipments. The Brixlegg location also acts as a delivery point for parcel services such as UPS or DPD (for example, if the consignee lives on the mountain). You should know: In many cases, shipping to Austria is no longer offered, as every Amazon customer or other online buyer knows.

Now the model with about 2500 members is on the edge. The shop windows in Brixlegg are covered with militant slogans. Signature lists are available in the branch to reach a loading zone at the municipality. At the moment loading and unloading can only take place in the short-term parking zone or – if it is currently parked – on the sidewalk. It is wide here and Moser speaks of 85 centimeters, which would still remain free for pedestrians – but forbidden is prohibited. “I have no alternative, the cart weighs up to 400 kilos and sometimes it rains,” he says.

Amicable settlement – ​​or a final in court?
The local road authority did its job carefully, admonished and eventually punished. Moser now has to pay 45 euros for blocking the sidewalk. An appeal to the administrative court is pending. Mayor Rudolf Puecher considers the fuss avoidable: “There has never been an official request for a loading zone and his behavior towards the road manager was also extremely unreasonable.”

Latest status: The president of the association came to the community for an enlightening conversation. He now wants to submit the application for the loading zone along with 600 signatures from supporters. Otherwise, explain to the judge that as a mail deliverer he has the right to charge in the short-term parking zone in any case. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking: Moser has canceled his lease for the Brixlegger head office as a precaution, without a solution, the end is imminent.

Source: Krone


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