Statements by Barrionuevo, COP27 climate summit and Castro .’s crime


Summary of the most important news that will produce today.

Euskaraz irakurri: Albiste izango will say: Barrionuevoren adierazpenak, COP27 Klimaren Goi Bilera and Castro Urdialeseko hilketa

These are the topics that the main headlines this Monday November 7:

– Statements from Barrionuevo: In an interview given to the newspaper The countryJosé Barrionuevo, sentenced to 10 years for the kidnapping of Segundo Marey by the GAL, has admitted to having practiced the dirty war and ordered illegal arrests when he was minister of the interior of the government of Spain.

COP27 Climate Summit: Representatives of governments, institutions, the private sector and civil society from nearly 200 countries will meet in Egypt in a difficult international diplomatic context with the challenge of restoring confidence to build a common front to meet the global challenge of climate change can be combated.

– Crime of Castro Urdiales: The trial for the crime of Castro Urdiales begins with the statement of the main defendant. Nine civilians, eight women and one man, form the popular jury that will judge in the court of Cantabria the accused of murdering her partner in 2019, a 67-year-old Biscayan, whose skull was found in a box that the woman left at a friend’s house, in Castro Urdiales, where the couple had lived for years.

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Source: EITB


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