“People are just meat” – Russian unit reports mass casualties


A unit of Russian marines is said to have lost 300 men in fighting in the Donetsk region within four days. This is according to a letter of complaint from members of the 155th Marine Brigade of the Russian Pacific Fleet, which was reported by the independent portal “The Insider”. The soldiers were dead, wounded or missing, it said.

The Telegram channel “Grey Zone”, which is said to have connections with the Wagner mercenary group, published the letter addressed to the governor of Primorsky Krai, Oleg Koshemyako. Koshemyako admitted heavy fighting and casualties in the 155th Brigade on Monday. However, these are “not nearly as high” as stated in Sunday’s soldiers’ letter, he said in a video message published on his official Telegram channel. The commanders at the front would have assured him that. The military prosecutor’s office was called in to investigate the matter.

Soldiers criticize ‘incomprehensible offensive’
Again, their commanders threw the unit “into an incomprehensible offensive” just so that the commanders could receive bonuses or be called “Heroes of Russia,” according to the soldiers’ letter to the governor of the far east Primorsky Krai. As a result of the “carefully” planned offensive by the “great generals” at Pavliwka in the Donetsk region, the unit lost about 300 men and half of its technology. “And that’s just our brigade.”

The soldiers called for an independent commission – “not from the Ministry of Defense” – to be sent to hold their unit commanders to account. The commanders hid the real losses. They cared about nothing. “They call people meat.”

Denis Puschilin, appointed by the Russian occupier as head of the annexed Donetsk region, reported on fighting around Pavlivka on Wednesday. On Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry said 70 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed and Ukrainian weapons destroyed in Russian attacks and artillery shelling in the Pavlivka area. The information could not be independently verified.

Source: Krone


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