Educators on strike – Demos in Vienna: thousands of parents in need of care


Educators on strike – Demos in Vienna: thousands of parents in need of care

There is a rumor in the education sector: on Tuesday recreational educators in Vienna stopped working and on Monday thousands of students protested.

Some parents will have to take at least half a day off on Tuesday. The reason for this is the strike of the recreational educators who take over the afternoon care in the Viennese primary, secondary and special schools. According to the works council “Bildung im Zentrum GmbH” they want to stop working all day to draw attention to the difficult working conditions.

No supervision after 13:00
Instead of looking after the children, company meetings would be held. For thousands of parents, this means that they have to pick up their children from school by 1:00 PM at the latest, because the teachers do not intervene.

According to Thomas Krebs, chairman of the Central Committee of Viennese State Teachers, the strike is supported. Now the MA 56 and the Education Directorate are on the train. On Monday, thousands of students also expressed their dissatisfaction with a large demo.

Cold lecture halls threaten in winter
The reason for this was the fact that Austrian universities are insolvent. “Not because we lived beyond our means or handled it badly,” TU rector Sabine Seidler emphasized during the rally. The framework conditions have previously changed due to inflation, rising energy prices and wage increases. In winter there is a risk of cold lecture halls, limitations in teaching and research and layoffs. The demo train also caused a lot of traffic jams on the ring and on the two-way track on Monday.

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