EU will not punish Orthodox Church leader so Hungary overrides veto on sanctions against Russia


Patriarch Kirill does not apply to the sanctions. This is the second major concession Budapest has made in this round of sanctions, after the veto on Russian crude was limited to shipments arriving by sea.

Euskaraz irakurri: EBk ez du Eliza Ortodoxoko buruzagia zigortuko, Hungariak Errusiaren aurkako neurriei betoa altxatzeko

Hungary reached this Thursday that the European sanctions for the Russian invasion of Ukraine will not be the Patriarch Kirilloafter the Twenty-seven accept this concession to unlock the sixth package that imposes an embargo on Russian oil, but will ultimately have no impact on the religious leader.

At the meeting at the level of ambassadors to the EU, the twenty-seven finally approved this new round of sanctions in response to Budapest’s demand not to ‘blacklist’ the highest representative of the Orthodox Church in Russia.

Once approved by the ambassadors, the decision will have to go through a written procedure in the coming hours to be formally adopted by the Twenty-seven, a condition for publication in the EU’s Official Journal before it comes into force.

Hungary has maintained this demand, despite an agreement reached Monday at the summit of heads of state and government that ratified the entire package of sanctions, including the addition of the highest representative of the Orthodox Church in Russia.

First big prize

This is Budapest’s second major concession in this round of sanctions, after limit the veto on Russian crude oil only for landings arriving by sea.

According to calculations by the European Commission, this means an immediate embargo on two-thirds of Russian oil and Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia can continue to supply themselves through pipelines.

The sixth package of sanctions adds to the ‘blacklist’ members of Russia’s military leadership, those responsible for the war in Ukraine, such as those behind the Bucha massacre, and more oligarchs and members of Russian President Vladimir’s family Putin.

The measures also include the disconnection of the main Russian bank, Sberbank, and three other entities from the financial communications system Swift, two of them Russian and a third Belarusian.

Also, the broadcasting of several Russian state media is stopped and the ban on the export of chemical and high-tech products to Moscow is extended.

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Source: EITB


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