Victim is only 13 – Rape: the children reported horrors


A man allegedly abused his 13-year-old daughter in Vienna for months. When the mother, who was often beaten herself, noticed the actions, she reacted wrong – and is now in the dock.

A shiver ran down the spine of those who followed Thursday’s hearing against a married couple in room 106 of the Vienna Regional Court. The list of allegations against the 36-year-old husband is long: the welfare recipient came to Vienna from Syria in 2015 and started beating his wife from 2016. “The suspect also assaulted three of the children, some with a stick or his belt,” the prosecutor explains. Horrible are the allegations concerning the couple’s only 13-year-old daughter.

Attacks in the early morning hours
The father is said to have raped his child many times from April 2021: “Usually at night around 4 o’clock he sneaked into her room and lay behind her,” according to the prosecutor. According to the indictment, he covered the girl’s mouth during the atrocity. “If you tell me, I’ll kill you and the family,” he allegedly threatened the child.

In court, the defendant insulted his wife
During the interrogation by Judge Stefan Huber, the suspect reacted aggressively. During a toilet break, accompanied by the police, he hit a fire extinguisher container, which shattered. Cursing loudly, he kept pointing at his wife with his index finger: “It’s a conspiracy! She got the kids to say all that.” They told detailed account of the atrocities in adversarial hearings.

But the man only admitted the beatings: “Why shouldn’t I hit my children if they do something wrong?” he shrugged. Even defense attorney Walter Wendt admitted, “It’s a family tragedy of incomprehensible proportions.”

Lawyer: ‘Woman feared for her life’
In April 2022, the girl entrusted her mother. But she did not immediately go to the police, but first wanted to collect evidence. Her waiting until June 2022 is the reason for the prosecution as a contributor: “You have to put yourself in the shoes of the woman,” explains lawyer Andreas Reichenbach, “she was massively threatened and mistreated for years. She feared for her life and that of her. her children.” – Delayed.

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