Person suspended – mole unmasked in Klagenfurt town hall?


An old employee of Klagenfurt town hall is suspected of sending secret documents to an online agency. Magistrate employees have now been suspended and the public prosecutor’s office is investigating.

Great excitement in the town hall of Klagenfurt: a former employee of the human resources department was suspended on Friday. Investigators from a cybersecurity company were able to secure evidence.

Mol among 1800 servants
Among the 1,800 municipal officials, a “mole” is said to have been at work for months, allegedly leaking protected documents such as service contracts, pay slips or overtime bills from individual employees to employment agencies. “Most of the time it was high bills, and reports about this sensitive data suddenly followed on online portals,” it says. Therefore, IT security experts were tasked with tracking down the culprit. One person could be located relatively quickly and was suspended.

Mayor speaks of abuse of office
Now the public prosecutor is investigating. The suspect has been with the magistrate for 40 years. “It is abuse of office and a serious breach of data protection,” Mayor Christian Scheider told the “Krone”. “We have to change a lot in the town hall. The 1800 employees must be protected.” The presumption of innocence applies.

Source: Krone


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