Easter weather could see temperatures as high as 22°C


Forecasters say the Easter weekend could bring the hottest temperatures of the year to 22C in parts of the UK. Warm weather will be maintained throughout the week, with no rain expected in most parts of the country before public holidays.

Despite the heat, the Northwest also experiences a long cloud, making the eastern counties the best place for sun-seeking on the weekends, said Annie Shuttleworth, a meteorologist with the Met Office.

“If people travel to enjoy the sunshine, the weather in the far east of the country will be calmer,” he said. “I think mainly on bank weekends we see very high above average temperatures in the UK, hopefully very hot, especially in the southeast.

“Sure, it’s warmer than average, but it’s not even close to heat standards. It will definitely be warmer than the week we just had and last week.”

The highest temperature of the year so far was 20.8 degrees Celsius, which means the weekend forecast in the southeast will set a new record for 2022.

We will see that the temperature usually increases during the week. Today (Monday) we see a high of 18 degrees, and from Thursday onwards the temperature can reach 20 and 21 degrees, most likely 22 degrees.” “In the southern and eastern regions, you are likely to see the sun and clear skies in the afternoon. “

Heavy rain is expected this weekend along with a cloud in the northwest, but is unlikely to cause any delays.

Source: Belfastlive


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