Gold DofE Award holders to celebrate the ‘amazing legacy’ of the Philip Youth Scheme –


The Duke of Edinburgh’s legacy has been described as ‘surprising’ for young people

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award winner, who plays a key role at Philip’s funeral, has welcomed the “exceptional impact” of the Duke’s legacy on millions of young people.

Dwayne Sonnebar pays special tribute to the Abbey of Westminster in front of British and foreign royals, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and 1,800 parishioners as they gather to memorialize the Queen’s wife who died last year. The 28-year-old Londoner won bronze, silver and gold medals in Duke’s youth adventure program he created over 60 years ago.

Ms. Sonbar, who is now a chief accountant and is studying for a PhD in diseased cell research and health inequality, will tell attendees the skills they gained as a result of participating in the DofE Prize, helping her defend her first job when he was 18. On Tuesday, at the Thanksgiving service, he said, “It is a great honor to speak in today’s service and to reflect on the incredible impact the Duke’s legacy has had on me and on millions of others — and will continue to do so for generations. Come.”

Doin Sonibar, 28, from London, enjoys special respect

“Looking back in the last decade, I have achieved more than I thought I could, and that depends on my DofE and the opportunities it has given me. In a moment of so much uncertainty and rebellion, it is very important that all young people have access to such opportunities. , so that they also have all the possibilities to use their potential.”

The nine final gold award winners – dressed in dazzling purple DofE jackets – will be placed on the steps of the convent when guests arrive – an element of Philip’s original funeral plan, which was not implemented at the time due to Covid restrictions.

Philip hosts the presentation of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award at Down Hillsborough Castle.

The stapler is:

Lyra Lewis, 21, from Leeds in West Yorkshire, who suffers from dyslexia and dyslexia and was bullied at school, saw her self-confidence after accepting the challenges of the programme.

Felix Daglich, 20, from Wandsworth, South London, is the DofE Youth Ambassador for 2021/22 and is excited to share the message that young people with physical disabilities or disabilities can benefit greatly.

Mary James, 22, from Kilburn, North London, who became a mother in 2017, went back to school and had the opportunity to do a Gold DofE.

George Fisher, 21, from Sidkup, southeast London, who has volunteered with children and adults with disabilities in his DofE volunteer unit and appreciates the program that helped him combat teenage anger.

– Joel Chilaka, 21, from London – Young doctor who claims DofE has given him opportunities for personal development and growth.

Josie Harrison, 18, of Doncaster, South York, who gained confidence and independence and helped create the DofE youth manifesto.

– Jack Bailey, 21, from Manchester, who has had mental health issues in the past but says the rewards program has helped him get back on the right track in life and inspired him to work towards becoming a physical education teacher.

Lucy Ory, 22, from Lannell, South Wales, who grew up anxiously caring for her grandmother, said DofE has helped her mental health and impacted her life more than she could have imagined.

Rajan Moda, 27, from Harrow, London, who works in business development and has the ambition to start a charitable foundation in the future, said the program taught him resilience.

Ruth Marvel, Executive Director of The Duke of Edinburgh Prize, said: “Today is an opportunity to celebrate Duke’s incredible legacy and vision for the DofE charity, which has helped generations of young people develop skills, resilience and self-confidence. They should thrive on all that life throws at them.”

The Duke founded DofE because he knew that with the right opportunities, the potential of young people was unlimited. “Six decades later, the hundreds of thousands of young people who work at DofE are speaking out every day, discovering new talent and making a difference in British communities.”

Since Philip’s death last April, the Department of Defense has launched its Living Legacy Fund memorial to support its goal of reaching more than one million marginalized youth by 2026 and expanding DofE prisons, health facilities and juvenile detention.

For both healthy people and young people with disabilities, DofE has become one of the most popular and adventurous self-improvement programs for young people aged 14-24. Since its inception in 1956, nearly seven million people have joined the program in the United Kingdom, and have received more than three million awards.

The Duke started the program with his eccentric director, Dr. Kurt Hahn, and his much-loved school days at Gordonston in north-east Scotland, an educational institution the Prince of Wales hated.

Source: Belfastlive


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