Injured arm – Salzburg: police officer bitten by an aggressive dog


A police officer was injured by a dog bite on Saturday night. The official and his colleagues had previously been called to an apartment in Salzburg because the animal had not been tamed.

A Salzburg woman from the Itzling district took care of a friend’s dog on Saturday. In the course of the evening, the woman alerted the police because the animal was behaving aggressively and the owner could not be reached. Two police patrols rushed to the woman’s aid, including a police dog handler.

When the police officers just got a survey of the apartment, one of the officers probably made a move that may have caused the animal to feel provoked. Because: The dog bit and injured the policeman’s forearm. Colleagues of the injured person provided first aid and the ambulance took him to the hospital.

The dog owner’s brother finally picked up the animal. A negligent bodily injury suit will be filed.

Source: Krone


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