Saving tip on heating costs – The governor of Tokyo recommends turtlenecks


The governor of the Japanese capital Tokyo has advised residents of the metropolis to wear turtlenecks to save on heating costs. The “warming of the neck” has a “thermal effect,” Governor Yuriko Koike told reporters.

In addition, this is “one of the means to get through the harsh winter together”. She wears a turtleneck herself, Koike said. The residents could also warm themselves with scarves. “This saves electricity,” explained the governor, who praised French President Emmanuel Macron in this regard: he “took a pioneering role in wearing turtlenecks.”

Japan has long embraced an annual “cool biz” campaign for the country’s sweltering summers, encouraging a casual dress code in offices to save energy. The accompanying winter version is aptly named “Warm Biz”.

Japan, which aims to become carbon neutral by 2050, has been facing an energy shortage since Russia launched a war of aggression against Ukraine. The island nation remains heavily dependent on imported fossil fuels.

The government is considering the construction of new nuclear power plants
In view of the global energy crisis, the government is considering the construction of new “next generation” nuclear reactors. According to Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, she also wants to connect more nuclear power plants to the grid and extend the life of reactors.

Such a move is considered controversial. After the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, the country’s reactors were shut down, and only about a third of the nuclear reactors shut down at the time are running again.

Source: Krone


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