Farmers involved – Italy has meat research carried out in a laboratory


Global meat consumption is considered a driver of climate change – mainly because of the massive land use for factory farming and associated emissions, including methane. For that reason, the laboratory has been working on the production of meat for years. Now the Italian government has commissioned a study into the effects of lab meat on human health.

The farmers’ organization has already collected more than 200,000 signatures for a law banning the production, use and marketing of laboratory foods in Italy. According to a survey by the farmers’ association Coldiretti, 84 percent of Italians are against artificially produced food that is intended to replace agricultural products.

Farmer representative: “Don’t want Frankenstein food”
“The lies about food from the test tube confirm the precise strategy of the multinationals who, through smart marketing measures, want to transform natural food, based on quality and tradition,” said Coldiretti president Ettore Prandini. “We’re ready to fight because we don’t want a future with Frankenstein food,” Pandini said.

Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida takes farmers’ concerns seriously, criticizing Thursday at the farmers’ association’s annual meeting: “Production is being pushed around the world that is supposed to feed everyone without caring about what they eat.” producing lab-grown foods, meats and other things in the lab rather than on farms,” Lollobrigida continued.

The commissioned research aims to understand “the impact of products made in laboratories. We want to know if they are not bad for human health,” said Lollobrigida.

Source: Krone


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