Clumsily phrased: do houses in Linz send seniors home in the event of a blackout?


Crazy! Relatives of residents of senior centers in Linz were now amazed when they received information about what to do in the event of a blackout: help at the senior center or take the sick or elderly relative home.

The senior centers in Linz feel prepared for a large-scale power failure. In recent days, next of kin of home residents have been notified in writing that important precautions have been taken in addition to those already mandated by state law. For example, the purchase of battery-operated headlamps and crank-operated radios, the installation of an emergency radio system for internal communication, the supply of ready-to-eat cold meals or the regular training of employees.

Either help or take care of relatives at home
While all of this actually contributes to you thinking your relative is in good hands, even in the event of a super meltdown, the last paragraph in the information caused confusion among some “Krone” readers. Because major staff shortages can arise, it says: “We ask you to support us in caring for your next of kin in the event of a blackout. This can be guaranteed by helping with daily life on site at the senior center or by taking care of the family member at home during the power outage.”

“We have already stopped shipping again”
First of all: no one has to worry about having to take care of their sick or elderly relative at home in an emergency, as the director of the senior centers in Linz, Robert Ritter-Karlisch, confirms: “No one has to worry about caring for their loved ones. On the contrary, we actually wanted to let the next of kin know that we are well prepared in the event of a calamity. However, it was poorly worded and that is why we no longer sent it.”

Caritas does not send residents home
What does a blackout actually look like for private senior center providers? For example, the Caritas concept ensures that residents can continue to be cared for during a certain period (14 days).

Source: Krone


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