Fire brigade demanded – strange deployment marathon because of ‘ditch hoppers’


Not again! A parking lot in the Weinviertel will probably magically attract motorists. They end up in rows in the irrigation ditch and have to be rescued by the fire brigade. Why the Florianis still take it with humor.

Firefighters from Groß-Enzersdorf are currently “regular customers” at the Marchfeld Center. The Florianis were alerted almost daily because drivers ended up in the ditch with their vehicles. And meanwhile the comrades have already practiced: The cars are lifted with air cushions, supported with wood and balanced again on the asphalt with muscle power. Since the opening of the center in the Gänserndorf district, the fire service has counted 61 calls, nine of them this year.

Record effort was soon forgotten
But as much training as the volunteers have had in the past week alone is too much: six “ditch hoppers” recently had to be freed from their predicament, sometimes even two in one day. No one can explain why this strange accumulation of operations is happening now. “Of course we are now also in contact with the operator to find a structural solution to this problem,” says Commander Engelbert Herney. Fortunately, so far no one has been seriously injured in these accidents, apart from the egos of the drivers involved.

Source: Krone


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