Stranded tourists – ‘Putting everything off is exaggerated even on strike’


Trains across the country were halted on Monday. But how did that affect the capital? A local inspection “Krone” shows desperate tourists and relaxed Vienna.

Save your nerves, take the train. However, the slogan of the ÖBB did not really apply from Sunday to Monday at midnight. Because the trains stood still – whether local or interurban traffic.

Few commuters to be seen
A large city like Vienna in particular has many public transport customers, about 93 percent use it at least occasionally. A large part of them also use the express trains. But that was not possible on Monday. The local inspection “Krone” at 7:00 am at Meidling station shows that it is quieter than usual. The numerous commuters cannot be seen this morning.

Only on the Schedifkaplatz, where the Badner Bahn goes – on this strike day, however, at a longer interval. Instead of every seven, it only runs every 15 minutes. The same goes for Danielle P.: “I had to get up half an hour earlier. I have to find another means of transport on my way home.’ She somewhat understands the strike, but would have liked to see a better solution.

Plane refused, now stranded
Change of scenery: On Monday morning, numerous astonished tourists can be seen with their suitcases at the central station. Many of them did not notice the strike announcement. Just like the Schmölz couple from Freiburg in Germany. “We specifically chose the ten-hour train journey because we didn’t want to fly by plane for climate reasons,” explains Thomas. And now they can’t go home. “Even if you go on strike, shutting everything down completely is exaggerated. There must be an emergency service or the possibility to take the long-distance train.” Staying another night is not an option. The next working day is coming. So the bus station is the target.

John from Greece is in the same situation with his partner. You wanted to take the express train to the airport, you’re in a hurry. Take a taxi now.

No rush for taxis
However, according to a spokeswoman for taxi broker 40100, no increased questions have been registered. “Most of them knew the trains weren’t running, so they looked for ways to get to their destination the day before.”

Lonely sheep on the platform
But the platform of the express train station at the main station shows that not everyone in Vienna knows this. A few lonely sheep wait in vain for their train, despite the strike sign on the board.

Incidentally, according to Wiener Linien, there was no greater rush. And even the traffic chaos did not affect tram and bus.

Source: Krone


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