MilAk investigation – allegations of torture: soldiers speak out


The allegations against a head of the Theresian Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt caused a stir. Now 71 ensigns of the affected year have spoken by letter. You deny and strictly reject the above allegations. “They do not match what we experienced and felt,” the statement said. The accused head of the training is reportedly being investigated on suspicion of torture, coercion and abuse of office, among other things.

The allegations in an anonymously written account of facts are essentially about leadership training as part of the so-called military officer training. According to the allegation, a kind of war captivity of ensigns for training purposes took place in February in a training scenario not covered by the curriculum. The consent of those involved was never obtained and there was no possibility to end the training.

The description of the facts mentions, among other things, “targeted and permanent stress” on February 16 and 17, the ensigns were treated inhumanely and “exhausted and tortured”.

The letter literally:

“We note that the allegations against our year commanders are completely false from our point of view and experience and clearly and unequivocally reject them, insofar as they are known to us and in no way intelligible,” the letter reads. APA. 71 flags. It was agreed that it certainly did not happen as it is portrayed in the media.

“Assumptions that we clearly distance ourselves from”
The allegations represent “the opinions of a single person or a small group of people. They do not correspond to what we have experienced and felt. The author makes claims from which we clearly dissociate ourselves. The training was carried out professionally by specialized and trained personnel, so that the difficult training subject of captivity was presented realistically, but never illegally or even inhumanely.”

There was always the option to “talk to a doctor or get out”. In addition, it was “consistently clear” that “it was a drill”. In addition, there were also breaks in which situations were discussed. The exercise was also “discussed several times”.

According to information from Monday, the prosecutor’s office in Wiener Neustadt is investigating the course leader, in addition to abuse of office, coercion and torture, also on suspicion of endangering physical safety, deprivation of liberty and dangerous threats. Degrading treatment under Article 35 of the Military Penal Code is also in the air. According to the army, the head of the course is still on duty.

Source: Krone


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