Operations in Innsbruck – attacks on security and police officers: arrests!


Doormen and policemen had to deal with violent night owls in Innsbruck from Friday to Saturday: After local guests caused a commotion and unrest, there were tumultuous scenes in which people were injured. There were also arrests.

There was an operation in the Saggen district: an Afghan (21) was thrown out of the bar by bouncers because of aggressive behavior. That, in turn, did not suit a companion of the same age at all.

Attack with a bottle, punches
“He attacked three security guards en masse and tried to injure them with a beer bottle and punches,” police said. The alleged attacker himself and a security (26) were injured. The 21-year-old has been arrested by the police.

Attack on bouncers
Wild scenes also happened in another Innsbruck bar: Shortly after midnight, bouncers tried to get an “extremely aggressive” 24-year-old local out of the bar. “The suspect had previously punched a guard in the face, which damaged his glasses,” the detective said.

Brother also arrested
The rabid night owl defended himself against the bouncer, the police were called. They have provisionally arrested the suspect. During the arrest, the 24-year-old’s brother became involved and tried to interfere with the officers. As a result, the 19-year-old was arrested. In addition to the security guard, a police officer was also injured during the official act.

Appropriate notifications will be made upon completion of the investigations.

Source: Krone


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