Nearly 1,900 medical specialists and pharmacists are participating in Osakidetza’s second phase OPE


The specialties with the most places offered are Internal Medicine, with 52, and Psychiatry, with 28.

Euskaraz irakurri: Medikuntza eta farmaziako ia 1.900 specialist ari dira part hartzen Osakidetzako LEParen bigarren phasean

In total, this Saturday and Sunday in Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1,879 medical specialists and pharmacist assistants from 18 professional categories will be examined with the aim of securing one of the 195 places called for the OPE 2018/2019 in Osakidetza.

In the Las Nieves lecture hall of the UPV/EHU in the capital Alava, the examinations of all categories will be held from 9:30 am, the number of candidates being notable for the number of candidates for Pharmaceutical Technician with 437 people called up and those for specialists in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry with 214 applicants respectively.

These two categories will provide the most places this weekend with 52 places in internal medicine and 28 places in the specialty of psychiatry.

After performing these tests, it will take another two weeks for the December 17 and 18when the selection process of this second phase of the OPE 2018/19 of Osakidetza continues.

This OPE offers in total 3535 places and is divided into two phases. In this second phase, in which it is currently immersed, 78,139 people apply for 1,924 places in a total of 63 categories.

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Source: EITB


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